Manager, Nationwide Investigation and Security, Inc. Houston, Texas
Chief Executive Officer, LaMotta Private Security, Chesapeake, Virginia

Thursday, February 3, 2011

INTERNATIONAL Guard, Security Escort, Personal Bodyguard, Instructor

Antonio Paredes LaMotta
(757) 531-5026      (757) 548-3950

QUALIFICATIONS:                                                                           DOB: June 3, 1959

DCJS Certified (01E, 07E, 05E) 99-248973 HEGHT: 6'-2"
Unarmed Self Defense Instructor (40+ yrs) WEIGHT: 235lbs
PR 24 Instructor (40 yrs)
FM19-15 US Army Riot Baton Instructor (30 yrs)
Weapon Disarming Instructor (knife, pistol, and rifle)
Karate Instructor (Mt Trashmore, YMCA/VA Beach: 1989 - 1997)
Member of YMCA Board of Directors (1996 - 2001)
Master at Arms (US Army: Frankfurt, Germany - 1978 - 1981)
Multiple Battalion Level Commendations
Crowd and Riot Control Certified (Gibbs Kaserne, Frankfurt, Germany)
MOS: 71-L Admin Spec, 81-E Combat Engineer (topography, Fwrd.Obs.)
Qualified Expert: M9 9mm Pistol, M16 Rifle, M60 A1 Machine Gun
Qualified Expert: M72 LAW light anti tank, M203 Launcher, Mk19Grenade
Other Weapons: Russian SKS Rifle Expert (1979), M18A1 Claymore
Secret/NATO Secret Clearance (1978) ENTNAC (copy) DA Form 873
SECRET(1981) granted by: CDR ccf A.L. Rieman 1lt XXX-XX-5236
Counter Terrorism Training (Gibbs Kaserne, Frankfurt, Germany)1979  
Military Correspondence: 26 Jun 80 (Gibbs/97th AEC, APO NY 09757)               
Honorable Discharge (DD-214 Original ) with Certificate of Honorable Discharge
SOKE Shinobi Kai Kenjutsu, Black-Belt Association (757) 548-395
Manager, Nationwide Investigations and Security (713) 294-9036

Architectural/Engineering AutoCAD/3-D/Animation/Blueprint Reading: TCC 2807861
Official Art Instructor: Grumbacher (413) 584-5446 220
Virginia State General Contractor: 2705 076909
OSHA Certified: 001606899 (no expiration)
ABC, Norfolk First AID/CPR Certified (2011)

Government Contractor Licenses:
NAICS: 561613, 711510
EIN: (2622) 94-3452622
CCR Registration: BDVRV6
DUNS: 828728845
SIC: 7381, 8412
BRN: 251483214AC378739
US PASSPORT: exp. 08/Dec/2019
City of Chesapeake, VA Employee: 07794 11101073554-1A

FOREIGN LANGUAGES: Spanish, German, Filipino, Japanese, Pashto

Lawrence John Myers:
Chip Condon: VBPD, FBI (757) 572-8911 (20+yrs)
John Davis: VBPD, FBI (757) 407-1086  (20+yrs)
U.S. Army, SGT. MAJOR: Carol Sobel; (30+yrs)
Tadashi Yamashita International KOBUDO Federation (818) 340-2739 (40+yrs)
Michael DeMarco Publisher: Journal of Asian Martial Arts (505) 983-1919 (20+yrs)
Helga Brachten Printer/Frankfurt, Germany (757) 471-7966 (30yrs)
Jeff Goodsell: JAG (Contractor) (757) 288-1701 (3yrs)
Wayne Renfrow Renfrow Bonding Agencies (757) 469-6444 (25+yrs)
QPS Construction: Trey Ford (804)731-7155  (2+yrs)
DaVita: Joe Higgs DBM: (703)795-7372
DaVita: Ron Scardino (757) 679-5980
Garrett Astarita, Riverdale (Councilman), NJ: (973) 835-2986 
Nationwide Security: Al Hollimon, President, CEO: (713) 294-9036
Kelvin Bailey, Master Police Officer, Va. Beach: (757) 353-7202 (20+yrs)
Trey Ford, Q.P.S. Construction, Petersburg (804) 731-7155(5+yrs)
City of Chesapeake: Robert Wornom, Superintendent (757) 831-7053(2+yrs)

"Fulda Gap, West Germany" It was 1980, I was a specialist in the US Army (81-E). A captain was captured while traveling through enemy territory (East Germany), on his way from Berlin to West Germany. He evidently stopped beside a barn to quickly relieve himself, and was apprehended.

I was assigned to prepare all the maps, visual-aid illustrations, and 3-D's to support the special operation to retake the captain. It was a grueling preparation, no brakes or days off. From drafting the initial floor-plan to building the exact model of the compound where our captain was being held. Everything had to be exact, from the doors to the electrical receptacles inside the said model.

My actual location was unknown, but I didn't think of getting back without everybody else anyway. I felt more like I was in a jail cell. My lieutenant brought me anything I asked for (cigarettes, coffee, food, etc.). We sneaked through everywhere together, not to be noticed or stopped by anyone. The open terrain between West and East Germany was swarming with German snipers motor-cycle units (it was awesome looking, actually). Anything that crosses the boundary-line will be shot by the E. German snipers, if the land mines don't get it first, (it didn't matter if it was a cow).

My feeling about the operation was grim, since the exercises we were conducting were crashing without enemies. The strategy and techniques we were developing were practically new (the weapons, rappel line, uniforms, and vehicles), de-posting all Vietnam era. But it was my duty to not question the operations but to do my job perfectly. So, I did.

One morning, I heard on the radio in German " Guten morgen meine Damen und Herren, es ist Regan. nicht Regen...". It said " Good morning ladies and gentlemen, it's raining! (the word for raining is Regan) No, it's not physically raining, ladies and gentlemen, but the new president of the United States of America is Ronald Regan..." This made everybody's day. Next thing you hear is all hostages from all parts of the world were being released, including all Americans held in Iran under Ayatolah Khomeini. Maybe the enemies taught he was John Wayne. That's when I thought it's time for me to get out (we don't need to fight anyone anymore).


As a personal artist to Gunny: Hathcock, I am obliged to mention about marksmanship and its importance, and to render respect to this valuable asset. Practice makes perfect. Scan your sector downrange and place your hits accurately just like painting a picture. The more you practice, the better you get. Focus on landing your dot on a specific target, rather than overwhelming yourself with your weapon's sight. Basically, just like sweeping your paintbrush to the appropriate point, and bwalah! Extra eye-socket!

To be a sniper at the level of the late Gunny: Hathcock, would take a nerve of steel that only a handful of men can do. He had a godly patience and an ocean of determination. Most of us could not wait two minutes at McDonald's.

As for weapons, if you have to ask your employer "how about weapons?", you have no business doing bodyguard. You have to line it up yourself. Find out who's got the weapons, where the weapons are, how to get to it, what kind you would need, and the availability of your ammo, (also, you must have the ability to fabricate weapons from anything at all). There are weapons walking around everywhere. If you can't win from scratch, get the hell out of the business. Do you think that those hoods waiting to ambush you, will fight you fair and square?

Aside from high-tech equipment like cameras, audio recorders, alarms, - you have to be inventive in implementing snares and booby traps with natural materials acquired from your surroundings. This is to include the ability to effectively use concealment and camouflage. There is no limit nor rules to the extent of ideas or things you may employ.


Sabotage is a large aspect of strategy. Being in personal protection, I sincerely focus on the aspect of surgical and tactical maneuvers and techniques. I rather create things than destroy them. However, to learn its purpose, building process, applications, and its recognition is detrimental to you and your clients safety.

K-9 Defense

When you have to defend yourself against a large dog, wrestling with it will be a waste of time. You might just injure yourself more (like loosing your fingers or worst). They're pretty stupid. Give your forearm as a bait. They are used to chomping at the arm and holding tight. Set your blade right below, parallel to your arm. When it bites, you know where the right and left carotid arteries are, right? Well, you only need to take one or the other. I'll leave it at that. If you time it right, you might just get a little scratched. But stay alert, they might send another one.

If you have the privilege to shoot, by all means...but keep in mind about disclosing your location. So, do I give certifications for killing dogs? Now, what would that make me look like? But if you still want to buy into one of those (that the government do not require), you're in a wrong field. You have to know who's protecting you, folks!

Service Contracts

When drawing up Service Contracts, you must include: all details of your protracted service...from date and time of your service commencement to the end of service.  Much like writing a disposition form (or military orders).  Signed and dated by you and your client (or his or her lawyer).

Include all items that you will have in your possession that you are transporting for your client, with verifying phone numbers.  You must have all your identifying papers with you (I.D. cards, licenses, and certificates) that are related to your specific duty.  

Make sure that you have all card numbers and necessary letters and phone numbers, to be able to conduct phone transactions (for hotel arrangements, etc.) on behalf of your client.

You must plan accommodations for people or person you are transporting (in case that they might require some special needs or medications).  You may be responsible for many probable accident that may occur...make sure you cover all handicap and limitations of your client.  Don't be ashamed to ask any question about it.  It's for their own safety (a client may be blind on one side...etc.).

You may include all medication lists for all personnel, just in case you were all found incapacitated.  Some clients may already have their tags or I.D. for such purpose.  Keep special attention to your client's jewelries or luggage as they may be subject of  any sort of physical advantage or attack. 

In completion of your service, highlight all details that you have provided and observed.  Keep a constant log of your actions (or put No-Action with time, date and place).  As often as necessary.  Record every thing that you observe, pictured or video where you can easily or quickly obtain them, in case of reference necessity.  Always take down license numbers as well as descriptions of vehicles, or even conversations for your own reference (it's very convenient to employ a lapel camera for this purpose).

Have all the emergency numbers of your transit destinations or by-ways.  It may be advisable to conduct advance observations in some cases.  These are all your job.